Wawayaya Comprehensive Ability - Happy Chapter 儿童综合能力培养第二阶梯开心篇

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.WaWaYaYa儿童综合能力培养第二阶梯开心篇 碟 片 数:6CDs 配 音:中文 内容简介:本品为WaWaYaYa儿童综合能力培养系列软件第二阶梯开心篇,适用于学龄前儿童。其中的6张软件CD包括数学篇《WaWa奇遇记》;语言篇《WaWaYaYa画汉字》;科学篇《WaWa巧取神奇果》;社会篇《WaWaYaYa旅行日记》;音乐篇《WaWaYaYa漫游音乐王国》;美术篇《YaYa画蛋》。小朋友的收益: 着重培养儿童数的组合、分解,数的概念,数的守恒,空间关系与二维空间概念; 初步了解汉字的基本笔顺规律,认识百余个汉字,灵活运用所识汉字; 了解动物的特征,理解多种自然现象,认识日常用品,知道各种工具的用途,建立环保意识; 学习道德伦理,形成健康心理,树立环境保护意识,养成热爱劳动的好习惯; 初步感知音的高低、时值、强弱、速度变化及音色。欣赏中外乐曲,学唱儿童歌谣; 认识人物造型的基本元素,初步理解线画的概念,提高色彩的搭配能力,体验绘画中构图的乐趣。 特殊说明:内含使用指南和贴纸游戏 Try something new! Build your child’s interest in Chinese with arts, music, math, science & social! Recommended Age: 4-6 years old Language: Chinese Product contents: 6CD-ROMs, usage manual and sticker Details: The 6 CD-ROMs include Mathematics: WaWa’s Adventure; Language: WaWaYaYa learn to write; Science: WaWa and the Magic Fruits; Social: WaWaYaYa Tour diary; Music: WaWaYaYa roaming through Musical Kingdom; Art: YaYa draws egg Child’s Benefits : Cultivate a child’s grouping of numbers, the concept and conservation of counting and spaces relations; Basic understanding of Simple Chinese Character strokes and its rules and regulations, recognize 100 Chinese Characters, flexible in usage of these characters; Understand characteristics of animals, natural phenomenon, daily essentials, various tools, environment protection; Practice moral principles leading to a healthy mental, establish an environment protection sense and an exercising habit; Initial feel of high, low pitch, similar notes, strong, weak beat and speed changes. Appreciation of music and children songs; Understand the creation of human, basic knowledge of line drawing, increase the ability to match colours, experience the joy of drawing constructive pictures.
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