Wawayaya Little Red Riding Hood (Bilingual) 小红帽

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小红帽 碟 片 数:3CDs 配 音:中文/英文 内容简介:小狼正在缠着狼外婆讲故事,这时门外一个戴着红帽子的小姑娘走过去,狼外婆立刻跳了起来,又害怕又气愤。到底是怎么回事呢?恢复平静的狼外婆就给小狼讲起了“小红帽”的故事……(产品内装一张软件CD、一张音乐CD和一张VCD)小朋友的收益: 童话软件: 边看边玩——13个精彩画面、65段有趣动画 读故事——25个词语解释、13段中英文字讲述 我的故事书——170个创编故事的声音和图画素材 玩游戏——30个好玩的拼图游戏、10关进阶式的行进冒险游戏 童话图书: 涂涂画画——13个涂涂画画操作 益智乐园——多个开发智慧潜能的游戏 童话VCD: 欣赏——中英双语13段音乐故事 模仿——以卡拉OK方式讲述故事 童话音乐CD: 聆听——12分钟的童话音乐剧,可分段选择 表演——13段音乐表达不同的故事情节 特殊说明:内含童话书和贴纸游戏下载试用网友评论:没有留言请先登录再发言 Recommended Age: 2-6 years old Language: Chinese (Simplified Chinese, English Listening and reading function only) Product contents: 3CDs (1 Audio CD, 1 VCD & 1 CD-ROM), story book and sticker Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to visit her Grandma who is sick and she meets the big bad wolf. Not knowing that he is a bad wolf, she told him where her Grandma is staying so that he can go visit her. The wolf carried out his scheming plans to eat up the grandma and the little red riding hood. After eating them in whole, he went into a deep sleep. A hunter came along and cut open the wolf's stomach to save Granny and little red riding hood who are still alive in the big bad wolf's stomach. The hunter reminded the little red riding hood never to talk to any strangers again. Child's Benefits: CD-ROM Read and Play - 13 exciting story chapters with 65 hotspots to discover! Read the story - The meanings of 25 selected Chinese phrases in 13 pages of story. My storybook unit -170 choices of scenes to fabricate own stories which allows self recording & playback. Games unit - 30 challenging jigsaw puzzles to put together within a time limit! 10 levels of exciting races to conquer! Storybook - 13 exciting pictures to color & draw Knowledge games VCD Appreciate bilingual story with 15 story musical scene. Narrate the story in karaoke format so that children read the words as they listen. Audio CD Listen to the story on CD Player (12 mins) and re-enacting the story (13 musical segments)
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