Tickly Octopus (Bilingual)

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乱挠痒痒的章鱼 内容提要 章鱼有八只可以弯曲缠绕的触手,他喜欢用它们去挠小鱼。有一天章鱼去挠牡蛎的时候,牡蛎最最珍贵的珍珠掉了出来,并被水流卷走了。哦,不!小章鱼能把它找回来吗?在故事的结尾,小章鱼会有什么新发现呢? 编辑推荐 《乱挠痒痒的章鱼》——“发现”的智慧:每个人身上都有闪光点。想要发现它们吗?那就多多实践吧! Down in the ocean lived tickly octopus with eight twisty, twirly tentacles that loved to tickle the fish. Octopus thought tickling was fun! But some of the other sea creatures didn't like to be tickled. But Octopus thought that tickling was what he did best. One day Octopus tickled Oyster while she was sleeping. Oyster was so startled that she lost her pearl. After apologizing, Octopus went in search for Oyster's pearl and soon discovered that he had many talents other than tickling. Octopus could swim fast and squeeze into small places, but best of all he was able to find and return Oyster's pearl! This wonderful story about self-discovery is the companiontitle to Clumsy Crab, Fidgety Fish and Smiley Shark and features the same bold, delightful illustrations and humorous text. ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BACK OF THE BOOK. Format : Paperback || No. of Pages : 32 || Age Range: 3-7 || Dimensions : 230mm x 265mm
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