Theme-based Dictionary for Sentence Building 新世纪学生造句词典

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New Century Theme-Based Dictionary for Sentence Building 新世纪学生造句词典 280x 215mm/ 136pages This dictionary helps primary students build a strong foundation in sentence building in the Chinese language. It contains 22 common thems found in basic texts. The key vocabulary is supported by example sentences, followed by reading passages and exercises. Except for the exercises, all texts are in pinyin. This new-concept dictionary is essential for all young learners before they begin to write compositions. Themed Based Contents: 1.爸爸妈妈都爱我 body parts 2.我有一个幸福的家 family members 3.我的家里好温暖 daily neccessities 4.整整齐齐出门去Dressing up 5.比一比 descriptions 6.数一数 measure words 7.他们在干什么Things to do 8.动物是我们的好朋友 Animals 9.我们都是好学生 School 10.植物园里真漂亮 Gardens & Parks 11.春夏秋冬我们都快乐 Weather and Seasons 12.我也要像他们一样 Occupations 13.游乐场里真热闹 Playground 14.学校,巴刹(市场)在哪里 Directions 15.大家一起做家务Houseworks 16.奶奶带我去巴刹(市场)fruits and vegetables 17.文具是我的好帮手 Stationaries 18.分分秒秒要珍惜 Times & Dates 19.我又长了一岁 Happy Birthday 20.现在的交通很方便 transports 21.新年快乐 Chinese New Year 22. 一日三餐身体好 Food 答案 Answers to the Exercises Suitable as GCSE revision suppliment book.
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