Times All Colour First Learners' Chinese Dictionary 时代彩色学习词典

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Times All Colour First Learners' Chinese Dictionary 时代彩色学习词典 时代学习词典是专为小学生及初学华文的人士编写的。它不仅适合小学生作为工具书,也适合在学习中文的成年人使用。 内容特色: 词汇量 – 收录词语包括最新常用词语共4000余个。 字头 – 单字字头都注明汉语拼音、笔画数及笔顺以及常用词语搭配;充分满足学生的需要。 多音字 - 多音字的不同读音排列在一起,让学生一目了然。 词条 – 适当地介绍同义词与反义词及词语搭配和用法,以丰富学生对词语的认识,提高对词语的运用能力。 英文解释 – 单字和词语都加上英文解释,方便英文教育背景的初学者理解。 华文例句 – 单字与词语都附有华文例句,以帮助学生掌握词义与用法。 附录 – 附加量词、常用汉字偏旁部首、笔画名称、笔顺规则及亲属称谓表供参考与学习。 设计 –版面设计新颖,生动的彩色插图与文字内容相辅相成,增加查阅性趣和效果。 最新特色 – 用集中的方式介绍日常词汇与生词;包括身体各部位、穿戴的东西、家居用品、厨房与书房用具、交通工具与亲属称谓等,把词汇有系统地归类分组,图文并茂,方便小学生和华文初学者学习和记忆。 Times All Colour First Learners' Chinese Dictionary is specifically compiles for people who are beginning to learn Chinese. It not only suitable for the elementary student but also very useful for adults. Features: Vocabulary - includes approximately 4000 words and everyday expressions. The prefix – Pinyin, stroke number and stroke order as well as everyday expression example; fully fulfil student's needs. The multi-sound character – Different pronunciation arranges together to lets the student be clear. The entry - introduced synonym, antonym, words usage and example of sentences. Enrich student's understanding of the words and expressions. English translation – Made easy for understanding. Chinese sentence example – Each character are made up with a sentence example, helps student to grasp the word meaning and the usage. The appendix – attach with character radical, the stroke name, the stroke order’s rule for reference. The design - layout is novel, the vivid colored illustration and the writing content complements one another, increases the interest of using the dictionary. The newest features – Introduce some daily glossary and the new word in picture illustrated diagram; including body parts, clothing, living room, kitchen, transportation vehicle and relative name and so on. Made students easy to memorise the words in a fun way. Size: 190 x 260mm Pages: 218pages paperback
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