Discovering Chinese Student Book + Audio CD Volume 1 – Special Pack 奇妙中文 (第一册)- 课本+ 光盘

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奇妙中文 (第一册)- 课本+ 光盘 DISCOVERING CHINESE VOL 1 – Special Pack (Textbook + Audio CD) Discovering Chinese is designed for middle to high school students at the beginner level or with no prior exposure to Chinese. The spiral-up approach allows students to review past lessons as they advance through the volumes in the series! (Lessons in Discovering Chinese parallel the lesson progress in My First Chinese Reader, so students who began their Chinese learning with the My First Chinese Reader series can easily switch to Discovering Chinese once they enter middle school.) Through 12 lessons per volume, students will build up their language skills to GCSE level, while becoming acquainted with relevant Chinese cultural lessons such as idioms, origins of Chinese characters, and typing Chinese on computers. High-quality situational illustrations and online lessons make learning fun and effective, while frequent recycling of previously-learned material, both within volumes and between series, ensures long-term language retention. Discovering Chinese textbook Vol 1 Volume 1 contains 12 lessons with the following features: - A spiral-up, step-by-step approach that reinforces and builds upon material from previous lessons, and emphasizes speaking and comprehension. - A comprehensive selection of characters and sentence patterns. - Highly-relevant topics with daily, useful vocabulary, covering school, family, daily life, sports, etc. - Vivid illustrations, detailed cultural and grammatical introductions. Chapters: 1. Hello! 2. What Is Your Name? 3. How Old Are You? 4. What Is Your Nationality? 5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School 6. I Love My Family 7. Where Do You Live? 8. What Date Is Today? 9. What Day Is It Today? 10. What Is in The Backpack? 11. I Like Fruits? 12. What Do You Want To Eat? Discovering Chinese Audio CD Vol 1 This audio CD provides the Mandarin soundtrack for Discovering Chinese Volume 1 Lessons and lets students hear the correct pronunciations of every word. Total playing time: 60~105 minutes per volume
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