Discovering Chinese Workbook Volume 1 (Simplified) 奇妙中文 练习册 第一册 (简体)

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奇妙中文 练习册 第一册 (简体) Discovering Chinese Volume 1 Workbook Recommended age: 11+ (Year 7 – GCSE) Level of Chinese: Beginner-Intermediate - Focused chapters on writing exercise, vocabulary review, and word games to challenge students - Word flash cards - Exercises and integrated activities build upon the lessons in each volume - Useful for Edexcel Paper 4: Writing (Assessment Objective 4) 將焦点放在文字行使,词彙回顾和文字遊戏來向学生挑戰 單词抽认卡 在每册的每一节课文後总和活动並附有练习题 有助於Edexcel 试卷四 : 写(评估目标四) (Paperback, 60pages/book 8” x 11”, Text: Simplified Chinese Character)
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