5 Minutes Successful Fables (12 CDs) 5分鐘成功寓言導讀CD(全套12CD)

5 Minutes Successful Fables (12 CDs) 5分鐘成功寓言-導讀CD(全套12CD) Can be used as a set with 5 Minutes Successful Fable Books
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5 Minutes Successful Fables (12 CDs) 5分鐘成功寓言導讀CD(全套12CD) ●專業外籍老師示範發音  ●情境寓言故事中英對照  ●國小1000個英文單字 屬綜合視聽類,適合7歲以上兒童閱讀 中英雙語導讀CD12片 12 CD contents: 獅子與老鼠 機智的驢子與狼 老鼠青蛙與鷹父親 三個兒子 The Mouse and the Lion The Donkey and the Wolf The Mouse, The Frog and the Eagle The Father and His Sons 有善報的牧 羊人跳蚤和公牛 賣牛奶的女孩 貪得無厭的烏鴉 The Lion and the Shepherd The Flea and the Ox The Farmer Girl The Greedy Crow 父子與驢子 百靈鳥媽媽 獅子與海豚 狐狸和刺蝟 The Father, The Son and the Donkey The Mother Lark The Lion and the Dolphin The Fox and The Hedgehog 烏龜和老鷹 龜兔賽跑 蚊子與獅子 慷他人之慨的狗 The Tortoise and the Eagle The Tortoise and the Hare The Mosquito and the Lion The Generous Dog 自找苦吃的蚱 蜢鹿與獅子 小孩與畫的獅子 自食惡果的馬 The Grasshopper and the Owl The Deer and the Lion A Child and the Drawn Lion The Horse and the Hunter 獅子與象 山羊與狐狸 淘氣的狗 驢子和騾子 The Lion and the Elephant The Goat and the Fox The Naughty Dog The Donkey and the Mule 背信忘義的山鷹 騾子和強盜 三思而行的青蛙 狼和小羊 The Eagle and the Fox The Mule and the Robbers The Wise Frog The Wolf and the Lamb 老鷹和烏鴉 猴子和海豚 跳舞的猴子 狼與牧羊人 The Eagle and the Crow The Monkey and the Dolphin The Dancing Monkey The Wolf and the Shepherd 兔子與青蛙 驢子與牠的影子 小偷與母親 朋友與熊 The Rabbits and the Frogs The Donkey and his Shadow Luke and his Mother Two Friends and the Bear 聰明的公牛 黃鼠狼與老鼠 不會唱歌的孔雀 田鼠與家鼠 The Lion and the Bull The Mink and the Mouse The Peacock and the God The Country Mouse and the City Mouse 詭計多端的貓 家狗和狼 自負的青蛙 獅子與農夫 The Tricky Cat The Dog and the Wolf The Conceited Frog The Lion and the Farmer 聰明的狐狸 牛欄裡的鹿 喜新厭舊的牧羊人 狐狸和樵夫 The Smart Fox The Deer in the Cowshed The Goatherd and the Goats The Fox and the Woodcutter
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