Yutaka Wakame Dried Seaweed (40g)
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Yutaka Wakame Dried Seaweed (40g)

Seaweed is among the most commonly consumed types of vegetable in Japanese cuisine, which is hardly surprising given how close most Japanese people live to the sea.

Seaweed is a fantastic natural source of umami flavour

What do you eat with wakame (whole dried cut seaweed)?

Serve it over rice, grains, pasta or zoodles.

Wakame goes a long way and this monster bag will last a very long time for home chefs. Brilliant value!

Ingredients: Wakame Seaweed. 

Harvested in an area where shrimps are present. 

Preparation Instructions:

Soak the Yutaka wakame in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes or 3 minutes in hot water. Make sure you use plenty of water as the wakame will increase in volume by 3-4 times. Once ready Yutaka wakame can be enjoyed in salads or added to miso soup, stir fried etc. 

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