Writing Is Fun - Phrases 2 开心写 – 词 2

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Writing is Fun – Phrases 2 开心写 – 词 2 开心写系列华文习字本按部就班地让儿童学习笔画,偏旁,字,词等,通过丰富的练习让他们认识更多的生字,并加強儿童对单字或词的书写训练。 一共有三十一个词。每个词附加拼音和笔画。 目录: 叶子,牛奶,护士,乌龟,公鸡,电灯,木材,宝贝,手表,医生,老师,书店,水果,饼干,牙齿,山洞,洗手,电话,冰块,纸张,风扇,地板,身体,面包,邮差,金鱼,时钟,花盆,青草,树林,信封。 Writing is Fun series writing exercise book is suitable for beginners who wish to learn the basic words and how to write in the correct Chinese Strokes. There are 31 phrases in a book, every word has pinyin and step by step Chinese strokes. Pages: 32pages (paperback) Size: 192 x 268mm
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