We are Good Kids (CD ROM) 龙凤弟子规 (CD ROM)

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龙凤弟子规 (CDROM) CD-ROM: We Are Good Kids Adapted from sets of morals and behavioral values passed down since ancient China, We Are Good Kids introduces "Di Zi Gui" (弟子規) to elementary and secondary school students. These 24 stories provide an insight into Chinese culture and philosophy on human interactions through animation, songs and rhymes, and discussion questions after each lesson. Audio: Mandarin Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese Subtitles: English Tracks Information: 1. Feeding Chicken Was Good Kids “喂鸡”的好孩子 / “喂雞” 的好孩子 2. Seniors First 先与后 / 先與後 3. Going to Bed Early and Getting up Early Keeps Us Healthy 早睡早起身体好 / 早睡早起身體好 4. Smiling and Obedience “笑” 与 “孝”/ “笑” 與 “孝” 5. Bowlegged and Knock Knees “外八字”与”猫步“/ “外八字” 與 “貓步” 6. Eastern Dance 东方舞蹈 / 東方舞蹈 7. Good Brother or Bad Brother? 好哥哥?坏哥哥 / 好哥哥?壞哥哥? 8. Jasmine Flower 茉莉花又回来了/ 茉莉花又回來了 9. Anti-napping Agreement 防止“唠叨”的建议 / 防止“嘮叨” 的建議 10. Drinking Mum Wine on Double Ninth Festival 九月九的菊花酒 / 九月九的菊花酒 11. No Sleeping Night 不眠之夜 / 不眠之夜 12. A Christmas Full of Love 充满爱的圣诞节 / 充滿愛的圣誕節 13. A Clean Skirt is Beauiful 乾净的裙子真漂亮 / 乾凈的裙子真漂亮 14. As Helpful As Falling Leaves 像树叶一样 / 像樹葉一樣? 15. Upside down "Happiness" 福“到” 了/ 福“到”了 16. Big House and Small House 大“屋子” 和小“屋子” / 大“屋子” 和小“屋子”17. Playing Football 足球的道理 / 足球的道理 18. Xiao Feng Learns Chinese Painting 小凤学国画 / 小鳳學國畫 19. The Secret of "Gost's Shadow" "鬼影" 的秘密 / "鬼影" 的秘密 20. Computer Games for and Hour a Day 电脑游戏,每天只玩一小時 / 電腦游戲,每天只玩一小時 21. Habits 习惯了/ 習慣了? 22. Even Adults should Knock First 大人也要先敲门 /大人也要先敲門 23. Go, Xiao Feng! 小凤,加油 / 小鳳, 加油 24. Balance Nutrition Makes a Healthy Body 营养均衡,身体健康 /營養均衡,身體健康
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