The Way We Communicate Volume 2

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For non-Chinese speakers, especially Westerners with different cultural background, communicating with Chinese people requires not only language skills, but also an understanding of Chinese culture, customs, social life, business etiquettes and much more. Each chapter in this book is made up of three sections. The first section contains situations one may encounter due to cultural differences, confusion, misunderstanding or even conflict. We believe it is easier to understand and quicker to catch the key points when learning a language within the scenarios. The second section is cultural tips. One of the barriers in learning a second language is the cultural differences. Many people who have studied a second language may share similar experiences: a good grasp of words and grammar does not necessarily mean a good understanding or an appropriate use of the language. This section helps consolidate language skills via cultural analysis. The third section provides some useful expressions. It provides many examples used in various real-life situations. This book is characteristic of its witty and interesting scenarios, simplification of complicated cultural background, rich and colorful expressions. In an attempt to facilitate readers, this book is published in English and Chinese with pinyin for Chinese characters. This is Volume 2 of a 2-volume series. Author: Zhenya Xu Publisher: Sinolingua ISBN: 9787802004924 Year: 2009 Binding: Soft Paper Back Pages: 144
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