Canfonian Sun Zi's Art of War Vol. 1-4 (Bilingual) 孙子兵法(四册)

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孙子兵法 (四册) Pictorial Series in English and Chinese "Sun Zi's Art of War" is a world-renowned ancient Chinese military classic. It expounds numerous profound military strategies and theories and incisively deals with various aspects of the law of war. Since early times, it has become a treasure in military science and has been held in high esteem by Oriental as well as Western militarists. Of late, people even discovered Sun Zi's brilliant ideas could be applied in today's business operation and management. This set off a global fervour for the study of Sun Zi's Art of War. In order to help people, especially youngsters, to assimilate the essence of this outstanding work, we have translated it into apt and modern Chinese and English. We have also selected various actual battle cases that took place in ancient and present-day China to further explain the application of Sun Zi's Art of War by pictorial series which has earned the love and appreciation of readers. Paperback - 4 books age range: 7 and above dimensions: 127mm x 203mm Canfonian Pte Ltd
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