Canfonian Strange Tales of Liaozhai Vol 1-8 (Bilingual) 聊斋志异 (一至四册)

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聊斋志异 (一至四册) Strange Tales of Liaozhai Vol 1-8 (8 Volumes) 中国古典文学与历史连环图书 (中英对照) Pictorial Series in Chinese and English (bilingual) "Strange Tales of Liaozhai"-- (1-8 volumes of total 8 volumes) a brilliant collection of about seventy short stories styled with corresponding brushwork pictures. By way of the personified role of fox-fairies, flower-spirits, ghosts and goblins, Pu Songling, the author who lived in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, exposes the corrupt politics of the feudal society; attacks the imperial examination system and condemns the harm it caused to the literate; and praises the fight for marital freedom by the youths. It is an unforgettable, compassionate collection. Enjoyably readable and of immense literary value. A must for every library. This book contains stories depicted in pictorial series with captions in English and Chinese and are presetned in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. They are most suitable for children who are eager to learn more about Chinese legends and culture. Paperback - 8 books age range: 7 and above dimensions: 127mm x 203mm Canfonian Pte Ltd
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