Shapes Chinese Books Volume 2 - Good Thinking (6 books+ DVD)

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Shapes Chinese Books Volume 2 – Good Thinking (6 books + DVD) Shapes Chinese Books includes 3 volumes of learning Chinese materials for young children, and is based on the animated TV series that is a highly successful. Each set consists of 6 paperback books. Please note each volume includes a FREE DVD with a sample Mandarin episode from the TV series. Features: -- Large characters for easy word recognition -- Selected Pinyin for more challenging words -- Text and picture separation for enhanced reading experience -- Colorful and attractive illustrations to sustain interest -- Moral page at the end for further discussion -- Full Pinyin guide and English translation at the back for reference Volume 2 focuses on stories that teach children how to think smart in various different situations. These books will introduce kids to characters as diverse and exotic as the Moose, the Tortoises and more! Not only will they learn new vocabulary and improve their Chinese, these stories each reinforce the concept of overcoming physical or environmental limitations by thinking smart! 6 Books in 1 Box Set Volume 2 The Fox and the Tiger狐狸和老鼠 The Reflection水中的倒影 The Clever Tortoise聪明的乌龟 The Fox and the Crab狐狸和螃蟹 The Moose and the Fly驼鹿和苍蝇 The Cat and the Mouse老鼠和猫 Suitable for Age 3-7 Size: 20mm x 20mm Pages: 34 pages each book Language: Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English Translation, Vocabulary in Pinyin
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