Canfonian Romance of the 3 Kingdoms Vol. 1-4 (Bilingual) 三囯演义

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三囯演义 Pictorial Series in English and Chinese "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" is a world-renowned masterpiece of historical and military literature. This novel portrays a tumultuous era in the history of China more than 1700 years ago -- the intense, complicated and soul-stirring political, military and diplomatic struggles among the states of Wei, Shu and Wu. It is a practical demonstration of Sun Zi's Art of War applied to solve overwhelming problems and overcome challenges. "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms in Pictorial Series", a brilliant monumental work, focuses on the depiction of the main plots of the story. It also prominently displays the manifestations of a few important characters: Guan Yu's righteousness, Zhuge Liang's resourcefulness, Cao Cao's treacherousness and Zhang Fei's rushness. The book contains exquisite and beautiful pictures, with Chinese and English explanatory notes. Paperback 365(4 books) 7 and above 127mm x 203mm Canfonian Pte Ltd
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