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Storybook: Paper Horse (Illustrated by Kim Xiong & Retold in English by Clarissa Shen) In the middle of winter, a little boy's parents are stuck in the snow and cannot get home. To keep him company while he waits, his grandmother cuts a horse out of red paper for him. What follows is a fantastical journey that unexpectedly reunites the boy with his parents! Written in poetry, this gently whimsical story will enchant readers of all ages. Although a universal story of a child missing his parents, in modern-day China this story holds special meaning with the millions of migrant workers that leave their children behind in the care of grandparents in the country while they seek work in large urban centers. Over the holidays, especially during Chinese New Year, family reunions become even more significant as parents travel hundreds of miles to see their children. This story emphasizes the importance of family in Chinese culture while using the motif of a paper horse made from the ancient Chinese craft of paper-cutting. Hardcover English with Simplified Chinese and pinyin at the end of the book
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