Nutritious Food for Baby and Toddler 婴幼儿食谱

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婴幼儿食谱 Nutritious Food for Baby and Toddler The diet requirements and the health of your baby are of paramount importance during the initial stages of his growth. This book charts the growth of the baby through various stages, giving you important information about your baby’s health and at the same time, teaching you the right way to prepare food for your baby. To help your baby build a strong foundation for his first few years of growth, we have also included recipes of nutritious food and porridges suitable for babies who have reached their first birthday. 宝宝的营养与健康是新妈妈们最关心的课题。本书提供丰富的饮食保健和烹调提示,自新生儿第四个月开始,分阶段循序渐进教妈妈们调理婴幼儿食品。同时附上宝宝满周岁以后的营养配菜和保健粥品,帮助宝宝打好健康的基础。 内容(Contents)包括: 初期篇 (4至8个月) 4-8 Months 中期篇 (9至12个月) 9-12 Months 后期篇 (满周岁以后) After a year of age 滋补食材篇 Tonic Supplements Pages: 95pp paperback Size: 210 x 260mm
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