New Magical Chinese DVD 3 - All About Nature

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Magical Chinese is a delightful series of animations designed to help kids learn about Chinese characters. Fun visual narratives capture children's imaginations and help them recognize the evolution of Chinese characters and their structural patterns. Volume 3 of the Magical Chinese DVD Series "All About Nature" features 18 animated stories to introduce characters related to nature. Magical Mouse and Crazy Cat will lead you on a hilarious journey to discover the origin and evolution of Chinese characters with fun and ease. Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese Soundtrack: Mandarin Subtitles: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French Chinese characters in New Magical Chinese DVD Vol. 3 - All About Nature: 1鱼魚fish 2牛牛cow 3马馬horse 4象象elephant 5鸡雞chicken 6飞飛to fly 7日日sun 8月月moon 9水水water 10火火fire 11山山mountain 12木木wood 13天天sky, day 14电電electricity 15雨雨rain 16朝朝sun in the morning 17瓜瓜melon 18果果fruit
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