Stories of Chinese Idioms-With Animals (Beginner/Intermediate)

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The origin and meaning of eight commonly used Chinese idioms are illustrated through a series of interesting stories. It is a fun way to learn and explore Chinese language, culture and history. Paperback, 60 pages Text: Simplified Chinese with English Contents Information: 1. Playing musical instrument for a ox 对牛弹琴 2. Waiting for a rabbit by the tree stump 守株待兔 3. Frog in a well 井底之蛙 4. An old horse knows its way 老马识途 5. Kill two birds with one arrow 一箭双雕 6. Calling a deer a horse 指鹿为马 7. Dotting the dragon’s eyes 画龙点睛 8. Borrowing on the prowess of the tiger 狐假虎威
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