My First Learning Cards - Daily Necessities 多元智能认知卡 - 日常用品

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My First Learning Card Series – Daily Necessities 多元智能认知卡 - 日常用品 一卡多功能,学习多变化,不割手,不反光,开启学习第一章。 图文分页 超大字体 实物拍摄 精巧提盒 精彩图卡 40 张 鞋子、袜子、衣服、帽子、书包、水壶、桌子、椅子、毛巾、牙刷、牙膏、闹钟、剪刀、水桶、杯子、盘子、照相机、吹风筒、皮带、雨伞、肥皂、电话、垃圾桶、雨鞋、锅子、碗筷, 餐具, 烤面包机, 收音机, 电扇, 被单, 台灯, 花瓶, 发夹, 相框, 罐子, 球, 跳绳, 安全帽, 钮扣。 Fun and 40 Colour Picture Flash Cards, with lively colour picture on one side, Mandarin words, English and pinyin on another side. Each card is made of superb quality with round ended. A good first learning card for children as young as 2 years old. Furthermore, this box comes with a handle on top for easy carrying. Contents: Shoes, socks, clothes, hat, school bag, water bottle, table, chair, towel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, alarm clock, scissors, bucket, mug, plate, camera, hair dryer, belt, umbrella, soaps, telephone, dustbin, rain boots, pots, bowl and chopsticks, tableware, toaster, radio, electric fan, blanket, table lamp, vase, hair clips, photo frame, containers, ball, skipping rope, safety helmet, buttons. Card size: 150 x 130mm (rounded end), No. of Cards: 40
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