My First Chinese Words Teacher's Guide (2009 ed. English) 快乐幼儿华语 – 教学指引(2009ed 英文)

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My First Chinese Words Teacher/Parent Guide (2009 edition English) 快乐幼儿华语 – 教学指引 (2009 ed 英文) Level of Chinese: Beginner My First Chinese Words Teacher’s Guide (English) is a comprehensive guide to teaching the My First Chinese Words series. Our guides are developed to assist teachers, administrators and parents in the planning, development and execution of engaging, interactive lesson plans. Teachers have proclaimed our guides to be perhaps the best teachers’ resources they have encountered in Mandarin education because of their standards-based and unique approach in stimulating student interest in learning Chinese. With this new edition, teachers can expect the same high quality with many new, additional features. Each lesson starts with essential questions to facilitate backwards design and targeted lesson planning. Clear lesson objectives focus class time and are aligned with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages' (ACTFL's) 5 C’s: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Fun age- and level-appropriate activities, games and arts-and-crafts activities are designed to engage students in active learning, wherein students are motivated to speak, move, role-play, work as a team, reason logically, and more. These activities encourage students to bring their own families, backgrounds and experiences into the Chinese classroom and show them how they can incorporate their Chinese learning into their daily lives. Additional vocabulary, songs and rhymes are also specifically matched to each lesson theme and vocabulary. Along with recommended activities are suggestions and strategies for creating a differentiated classroom experience that appeals to all types of learners and multiple intelligences. To immerse students further in their Chinese learning, our guides also include discussion questions, points of cultural comparisons and insights into Chinese culture. Size: 210 x 285mm Pages: 256pp paperback
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