My First Chinese Flash Cards 快乐华语闪卡

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My First Chinese Flash Cards 快乐华语闪卡 Text: Choose from Simplified Character or Traditional Character 250 Chinese Character Cards with Pinyin and English translations. 18 Themes Card Size: 142 x 210mm This new flash cards is part of “My First Chinese Readers" series for teachers to use in the classroom, of for home teaching. It can be use together with “My First Chinese Readers” or independently according to your needs. This series of character word card divides into 18 categories and altogether 250 cards; each character word card has large illustration of Chinese Character, with English translation, Chinese Pinyin and theme number. Stroke order is included in 21 radical characters to help you learn to write and count strokes. This popular flash card is design in way even non-mandarin speaker will be able to learn the words effortlessly. 本产品为《快乐幼儿华语》配套教学字词卡, 供教师组织教学活动使用. 既可与《快乐幼儿华语》配套使用, 也可根据需要单独使用. 本系列字词卡分为18 个类别共250张, 每张字词卡均标有英文注解, 汉语拼音及类別编号, 其中21 个部首单字均标注出笔画顺序, 以便学生掌握汉字书写的规律和方法. 表情行为 Actions/Expressions (53) 动物 Animals (13) 身体部位 Body Parts (7) 服装 Clothes (8) 颜色 Colours (7) 国家 Countries (7) 方位 Directions (7) 饮食 Food/Drink (18) 家居 House/Furniture (14) 量词 Measure Words (4) 数字 Numbers (11) 器物 Objects (11) 其他 Others (39) 人物 People (20) 相对概念 Opposites (11) 时间 Time (4) 交通工具 Transportation (7) 天气 Weather (9)
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