My First book of DI ZI GUI + CD 我的第一本弟子规念谣 + CD

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我的第一本弟子规念谣 + CD My First book of DI ZI GUI + CD 图文搭配的弟子规内文和说明 + 一片导读CD, 让孩子学习基础的生活智慧。详细的白话解说, 让孩子容易理解原文含义, 学习修养品德,建立良好常规。 弟子规这本书,是古代的圣贤们训示我们做人处事该遵守的道德规范。其中最重要的事就是要孝顺父母、友爱兄弟姐妺,其次是做事要严谨,做人要诚信。 对待所有的人都该一视同仁,并且亲近品德良好的人。当前面所说的都确实做到后,如果还有多余的时间和精力,就可以学习文章典籍。 Di Zi Gui or Standards for Being a Good Student and Child is a book that was taught by Chinese saints and sages of the ancient past. The book first teaches us how to be dutiful to our parents and how to be respectful and loving to our siblings. It then teaches us how to be cautious with all people, matters and objects in our daily lives, how to be a trustworthy person and to believe in the teachings of the ancient saints and sages. Furthermore, it teaches us to love all equally and to be close to and learn from people of virtue and compassion. Only when we have accomplished all the above, we can then study further and learn literature and art to improve the quality of our cultural and spiritual lives. Pages: 96pp + 1CD, Size: 155mm x 165mm
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