Magical Tour of China Workbook Volume 2 奇妙中国游 (作业)第二册

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奇妙中国游 (作业)第二册 Magical Tour of China (Workbook) Volume 2 Grade: Advanced Level The Magical Tour of China series follows six children growing up overseas who visit Beijing for the first time, learning about festivals, cultural similarities and differences and Chinese etiquette and customs. Featuring 36 units of language learning in four books, CD-ROMs and Workbooks, this is a great way for children to gain advanced knowledge of the Chinese language and culture through materials that remain relevant to their own experiences. The Magical Tour of China series uses the Better Chinese method of Learning Through Stories to make practicing Chinese fun for kids and provide immersion in the language while remaining entertaining to watch. Workbook Features: · Grammar and vocabulary exercises, additional readings, and games build upon the lessons in each volume. · Reading discussion and comprehension exercises and essay writing challenges deepen students' grasps on advanced Chinese learning. Chapters: 10. Visiting the Palace Museum (1) 11. Visiting the Palace Museum (2) 12. Climbing the Great Wall 13. Visiting the Wang's Home 14. No Colored Eggs on Easter (1) 15. No Colored Eggs on Easter (2) 16. Magic Chinese Characters (1) 17. Magic Chinese Characters (2) 18. Magic Chinese Characters (3)
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