How I Grew Up? (CD-ROM) 我的成长 (CD-ROM)

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How I Grew Up (CD-ROM) 我的成长 (CD-ROM) 本张光盘精选了古今中外十二个名人故事,让小朋友们透过生动形象的flash动画学习语言,同时透过了解名人成长过程中奮发向上,不懈努力的棈神帮助小朋友更好地成长 Every famous person was a kid once, and this series tells their stories. These 12 vividly animated stories come from the childhoods of people like Helen Keller and Ang Lee, and teach valuable lessons about following your dreams while helping kids practice their Chinese. CONTENTS 目录 1. Little Kid, Big Instrument 小人选了大乐器 2. The Queen of the Ice – Chen Ting Ting 冰上皇后陈婷婷 3. Helen Keller 海伦。凱勒 4. Cow Hand – Zhou Run Fa 苦孩子周润发 5. Strong-minded Elaine Chao 坚強的赵小兰 6. Star Actress – Zhang Zi Yi 章子怡小时候 7. Deng Ya Ping: Winners don’t give up 永不服输的邓亚萍 8. Oscar Winner – Ang Lee 大导演李安 9. The Story of Edison 爱迪生的故事 10. Nobel and the Nobel Prize 诺贝尔和诺贝尔奖金 11. Sima Qian 司马迁 12. The Chinese Giant – Wang Zhi Zhi 中国好小子 - 王治郅 Total Stories: 12 English: Yes Level of Chinese: Intermediate Total playing time: 66 minutes System Requirements: PC Windows 95 and later, MAC –OS 9.0 or later Animated Stories read in Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles. You can select the stories in traditional character or simplified character.
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