Happy Wonderland 1 儿童乐园1 DVD

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Happy Wonderland 1 儿童乐园1 DVD Happy Wonderland series is a combination of children's rhymes, riddles, tougue twisters, Tang Poem, Songs, Comic dialogues. All the stories are short, humorous and easy to sing. One of best way for children to learn Chinese. Act and sing by children. A good reference for school drama or acting performance for young children Contents: 儿歌朗读 01.吃蛋糕 02.小小一粒米 03.小老鼠 04.小小猪 05.刷牙 06.学狗叫 笑一笑 07.你哭了吗? 儿童教育歌曲MTV 08.好宝宝 谜语 09.眼睛 10.水 11.公鸡 12.镜子 笑一笑 13.真有同情心 儿童教育歌曲 14.跳绳歌 绕口令 15.四和十 16.鞋子和茄子 17.天上一个盆 8.吃葡萄 笑一笑 19.猩猩难看 儿童教育歌曲MTV 20.小喇叭 唐诗 21.咏鹅 - 骆宾王 22.寻隐者不遇 - 贾岛 笑一笑 23.不同看法 儿童教育歌曲MTV 24.小海军 相声 25.汉字书写常识 故事 26.团结就是力量 27.孔融让梨 卡拉OK伴唱 28.好宝宝 29.跳绳歌 30.小喇叭 31.小海军 Language: Mandarin Subtitiles: English Approx Running Time: 43 minutes DVD Format: All Region
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