Greedy Puppy (Bilingual with Pinyin) 贪吃的小狗(拼音版)双语童话

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Greedy Puppy (Bilingual with Pinyin) 贪吃的小狗(拼音版)双语童话 本书为“小海豚双语童话”系列中的一本,收录了“贪吃的小狗”、“老虎学艺”、“森林演奏会”、“三只小猫”这四则童话,分别告诉小朋友自知和自律、谦虚与智慧、协作与组织、宽容与努力的重要性。该书由侯冠滨作画,生动活泼,再配上拼音注解及英语对照,实在是一本有益的亲子读物。 This bilingual book contains 4 short stories perfect for preschoolers. The book has adorable computer-animated illustrations and simple story lines in both simplified Chinese and English. Parents will find that all of the stories offer great lessons that can be shared with their children. The four featured stories are: Greedy Puppy, 贪吃的小狗 The Tiger Learned Skills, 老虎学艺 Forest Concert; 森林演奏会 Three Kitties 三只小猫 Size: 210 x 185mm Pages: 94pp, paperback
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