Graded Chinese Reader 3 Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (CD included) 汉语分级阅读 3

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Graded Chinese Reader 3 is the third book of the Graded Chinese Readers series. The vocabulary of Graded Chinese Reader 3 is limited to about 1000 basic Chinese words and is based on the 1033 words of Level A and 2018 words of Level B listed in the HSK (The Chinese Proficiency Test) outline. About 870 words of Graded Chinese Reader 3 are selected from the 1033 words of the first level, and about 130 more basic words are added to the vocabulary of Graded Chinese Reader 3. In order to help readers to look up the basic 1000 words, a vocabulary list is included at the end of the book. In Graded Chinese Readers 3, the most common words are used, and appear frequently for students to memorize. The sentences are reasonably short, and complex sentences are avoided. In each story, for some key or difficult words, idioms and difficult sentences, notes and examples are given at the side of each page. Pinyin is also shown so that students can review and memorize the pronunciation of Chinese words and more easily look them up in a dictionary. In order to improve the listening comprehension of students of Chinese as a foreign language, CDs in MP3 format are included with each book. In addition, the stories are illustrated with pictures, which can help students to understand the stories better. In summary, the aims of Chinese Graded Reader 3 are to further reduce the difficulty of Chinese reading, to enlarge the reader’s vocabulary, and to improve Chinese reading and listening ability. 为方便汉语初学者,《汉语分级阅读3》尽量使用常用词,增加常用词的复现率,以此增强学生对汉语常用词的理解与记忆。为增强学生对句子的理解,句子力求简短,结构完整。本书对故事中的一些难词、关键词、需要注解的词和句子都进行了脚注,并给出例句,以便学生更好地理解生词。故事正文均配上拼音,使学生尽可能地通过读音联想词义和查阅词典。为提高学生的汉语听力水平,本书配有MP3格式的光盘。除此之外,每篇故事还配有插图,以帮助学生更直观地了解故事内容。《汉语分级阅读3》编写的宗旨是进一步降低汉语阅读的难度,让更多的学生在汉语阅读中巩固和增加汉语常用词汇,提高汉语阅读和汉语听力的水平。 一、谁生活得更美好 二、陈奂生上城 三、夜之随想曲 四、雪窗帘 五、城乡简史 六、故乡的雨 Author: Shi Ji Publisher: Sinolingua ISBN: 9787802004153 Year: 2009 Binding: Soft Paper Back Pages: 300
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