Fun Chinese for Kids (2) 快乐儿童汉语 (二)

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快乐儿童汉语 (二) Fun Chinese for Kids (2) Mother and child can study together! Every sentence can be used to speak to Chinese people. Little kids can speak to Chinese children while playing. Learn words through pictures. Pronunciation, including initials and finals, are taught using funny cartoons. Kids can quickly and easily associate these pictures with Chinese characters. Adults who want to learn conversation-oriented instead of grammar-oriented Chinese can also begin with this textbook. 妈妈和孩子可以一起学! 学一句可以用一句的汉语。 可以与中国孩子一起玩的汉语。 精致彩图帮助有效学习。透过有趣的卡通图案学习发音和拼音,藉由图片和中文字间的链接,提高学习效率。 本书亦适合想以对话方式学习的成人使用。 Pages: 90pp paperback Size: 210 x 279mm
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