Fairy Tale - Ugly Duckling (Book + CD + VCD) 童話視聽書 ─ 醜小鴨(精裝書+CD+VCD)

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童話視聽書 ─ 醜小鴨(精裝書+CD+VCD) 故事內容包含:醜小鴨. 愛麗絲夢遊仙境 . 賣香屁 17.7×18.6cm彩色精裝書1冊 (100頁) +1片導讀CD+1片國台語VCD GREAT VALUE! This hardcover picture book is a collection of 3 world classic stories. 1) The Ugly Ducking 2) Alice In The Wonderland 3) Fragance Smells Your child will enjoy these classic stories in Chinese, and the beautiful full colored pictures featured on every other page. This Chinese Children book comes with audio CD in Mandarin Chinese, and your little one will enjoy the VCD in Mandarin (and Taiwanese). Size:190 x 178mm Pages: 101pages (hardcover) Traditional Chinese Character book + Audio CD + VCD
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