Fable Stories 2 CD-ROM 寓言故事 2 CDROM

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Fable Stories 2 CD-ROM 寓言故事 2 CDROM Fable Stories includes twelve tales suitable for intermediate-level Chinese learners. Simple yet engaging, these stories will entertain and instruct students as they learn more about the Chinese language. Audio: Mandarin Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese Subtitles: English Tracks Information: Tracks Information: 1. The Fox and the Crow 狐狸和乌鸦 / 狐狸和烏鴉 2. The Boy Who Cried Wolf 狼来了 / 狼來了 3. The Horse and the Donkey 马和驴子 / 馬和驢子 4. The Shepherd and the Wild Goats 牧羊人和野山羊 / 牧羊人和野山羊 5. The Boy and the Lion 男孩和狮子 / 男孩和獅子 6. Three Men of Wealth 三个富翁 / 三個富翁 7. The Lion and the Bull 狮子和公牛 / 獅子和公牛 8. The Soldier and His Horse 士兵和马 / 士兵和馬 9. The Lazy Donkey 懒驴 / 懶驢 10. The Blind Man and the Lame Man 瞎子和瘸子 / 瞎子和瘸子 11. A Shoot 一株麦苗 / 一株麥苗 12. The North Wind and the Sun 北风和太阳 / 北風和太陽
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