Fable Stories 1 CD-ROM 寓言故事 1 CDROM

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Fable Stories 1 CD-ROM 寓言故事 1 CDROM Fable Stories includes twelve tales suitable for intermediate-level Chinese learners. Simple yet engaging, these stories will entertain and instruct students as they learn more about the Chinese language. Audio: Mandarin Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese Subtitles: English Tracks Information: 1. The Turtle and the Rabbit 龟兔赛跑 / 龜兔賽跑 2. The Donkey and the Wolf 驴子和狼 / 驢子和狼 3. The Horse and the Groom 马和马夫 / 馬和馬伕 4. The Fox and the Cicada 狐狸和蝉 / 狐狸和蟬 5. The Mole and His Mother 鼹鼠和他的妈妈 / 鼴鼠和他的媽媽 6. The Scorpion and the Turtle 蝎子和乌龟 / 蠍子和烏龜 7. The Dog and the Bone 狗和骨头 / 狗和骨頭 8. The Fox and the Crane 狐狸和鹤 / 狐狸和鶴 9. The Monkey that Wore Gloves 猴子戴手套 / 猴子戴手套 10. The Thirsty Ant 口渴的蚂蚁 / 口渴的螞蟻 11. The Fox and the Goat 狐狸和山羊 / 狐狸和山羊 12. The Wolf in The Clothing of Sheep 披着羊皮的狼 / 披著羊皮的狼
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