Erasable Mandarin Characters 2 擦擦寫寫-初學國字

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擦擦寫寫-初學國字 (內附寫字筆與小板擦可重覆書寫) 「我的第一本國字練寫書」是一本能夠讓孩子快速學習國字筆順的練寫書。即使不識字的小朋友也可以由圖像看出字義,孩子可愉快且充滿信心的享受國字認知、國字筆順及英文單字。一開始,請先讓孩子練習他們喜歡或簡單的國字。之後循序漸進,可以教孩子認識國字的意義及英文名稱。 使用方法: 文字搭配圖案的教導模式,增強孩子對於國字練習的深刻印象和聯想認知;可擦拭功能,讓孩子反覆練習並牢記;使用厚紙的設計模式,在學習的過程中不易損壞,並附送寫字筆及小板擦,讓您與孩子共同從玩樂中學習。 My first mandarin character writing exercise book is a book that let the child practice writing the Chinese characters in the correct sequence. The child will be able to guess the word meaning by the image or the English words. This will strengthen the child's word recognition and let the child recognize characters confidently and happily. You can start by letting the child practice the easiest Chinese character or the words that they like. Proceeds in orderly way, and may teach the child to understand the meaning of the Chinese characters. This easy to erase and write sturdy board book comes with a little pen with small eraser. You can practice writing the character over and over again. board book pages : 25 suitable age : 5+ size: 195mm x 218mm NOTE: TRADITIONAL CHINESE CHARACTER
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