Discovering Chinese Student Book Volume 3 (Simplified) 奇妙中文 课本 第三册 (简体)

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奇妙中文 课本 第三册 (简体) Discovering Chinese Student Book Volume 3 (Simplified) Recommended age: 11+ (Year 7 – GCSE) Level of Chinese: Beginner-Intermediate Discovering Chinese is a set of textbooks specifically designed for students learning Chinese in non-Chinese speaking communities. Volume One is available now and contains 12 lessons with the following features: - A spiral-up, step-by-step approach that reinforces and builds upon materials from previous lessons - Emphasises on speaking and comprehension - Build up their understanding of Chinese Language and culture with themes and subjscts that are relevant to their daily live. - Relevant and useful topics, covering school, family daily life, sports, etc. - 12 Lessons per volumn, Lessons are vivid illustrations, with as comprehensive selections of sentence patterns, 200+ characters per volumn with pinyin aids and grammar and syntax lessons. Discovering Textbook Volumn 1 contains pinyin and character typing lessons for Chinese computer literacy. Lessons: Volume 3 1. Where Are They? 2. What Does Her Father Do? 3. My Day 4. Whose Room is it? 5. What are they doing? 6. Making a phone call 7. What Classes Did You Have Today? 8. I See With My Eyes 9. Ms Lee’s House 10. The Zoo 11. Please Come to Play At My Home 12. Dining At A Chinese Restaurant Paperback, 96pages/book 8” x 11”, Text: Simplified Chinese Character Volumn 2 – 4 contain supplementary cultural and linguistic lessons, including Chinese idioms and popular saying. Full pinyin text in volumn 1 progressively reduced as students advance till volumn 4 where character recognition matures.
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