Culture Cubs - Time to Meet the Animals (DVD) 小龙与小克-亲亲小动物 (DVD)

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小龙与小克-亲亲小动物 (DVD) Culture Cubs 3 – Time to Meet The Animals Hand in Hand, Let’s Learn Mandarin! In this episode, celebrate Chinese New year with a real Lion Dance, learn about panda bears, play hide & seek in the jungle and once you say the magic words - take a dragon ride over China! Better than ever, It features loads of adorable animals, a dazzling doggie fashion show, an exciting tiger chase, amazing bilingual kids, and our favorite bears, Huckleberry and Xiao Long. Children will love it! Huckleberry, the American teddy bear, and Xiao Long, the Chinese Kung Fu panda, are back! One speaks Mandarin, the other speaks Englsih and they are the best of friends. In their bilingual world they learn about each other’s language and culture – and you can too! 美国的玩具熊小克,跟中国籍的功夫熊猫小龙,以英语及普通话交流,一起玩乐学习而结成好朋友。在这个双语世界里。他们学会了对方的语言和文化,其实小朋友也可以做得到! Running Time: 30mins Language: English/Mandarin
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