Chinese Proverbs Pencils Set - about encouragement (12 pieces)

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Chinese Proverbs Pencils Set - about encouragement (12 pieces)

12 Chinese Proverbs about encouragement, they are good as collection or a gift for students and friends.

Chinese Proverbs on the pencils:

一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰。An inch of time is worth an inch of gold; yet you can't buy an inch of time at an inch of gold

一日之計在於晨,一生之計在於勤。The best time is morning. The best practice is diligence.

一分耕耘一分收获 The more ploughing and weeding the better the crop.

天下無難事,只怕有心人。Nothing is difficult to the men who will try .

百尺竿头更进一步 make still further progress

今日事,今日毕 Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today.

勤能补拙 俭以养廉 Diligence is the means by which one makes up for one's dullness Frugal by nourishing honesty

精诚所至 金石为开 Nothing is impossible for a willing heart;Faith moves mountains

有志者事竟成 Nothing is impossible to a willing heart

吃得苦中苦 方为人上人 No gains without pains

疾风知劲草路遥知马力 A true friend is known in the day of adversity

胜不骄 败不馁 not to become dizzy with success, nor be discouraged by failure

HB Pencils Length: 17.7cm, diameter: 0.8cm Made in China

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