Monkey King CD-ROM 西游记 CDROM

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Monkey King CD-ROM 西游记 CDROM The Journey to the West is one of the four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature. The main character, Sun Wu Kong also known as the Monkey King, is a Chinese household name. This E-Book highlights ten stories from this classic novel that teaches students Chinese language fundamentals. Laden with cultural reference points, these stories inspire students’ appreciation for Chinese culture while allowing them to improve their Chinese language proficiency. Audio: Mandarin Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese Subtitles: English Tracks Information: 1. The Monkey King 齐天大圣 / 齊天大聖 2. Tang Priest Accepts Disciples 唐僧收徒弟 / 唐僧收徒弟 3. The Manfruits 人参果 / 人參果 4. Monkey King Subdues the White-Bone Demon 三打白骨精 / 三打白骨精 5. Pingding Mountain 平顶山 / 平頂山 6. Tongtian River 通天河 / 通天河 7. The Girls Nation 女儿国 / 女兒國 8. The Real and the Fake Wu Kong 真假孙悟空 / 真假孫悟空 9. The Burning Mountain 火焰山 / 火焰山 10. Bringing Back The Scripture 取经成功 / 取經成功
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