Chinese Idioms 1 (CD ROM) 成语故事 (CD ROM)

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成语故事 Chinese Idioms 本套 《成语故事》光盘讲述中国常用成语的历史由来以及日常用法。形象生动的动画和标準的普通话配音使中文学习变得轻松愉快,趣味無窮,可以扯学者达到即学即用的效果。每个故事包含初级和高级兩个语言難度,適合各年齡段学者。 Chinese Idioms makes it easy for kids to learn Chinese proverbs, by telling the story behind the sayings. Children will learn Chinese idioms naturally and easily, just as they would in a native speaking environment. This set of Chinese Idioms CD ROMs features the stories behind each idiom and its usage. Studying Chinese and learning about Chinese culture is easy and fun with these animated stories. Most importantly, students will learn to use these idoms in appropriate situations. Eash story includes two versions for learners at different levels: Beginner and Advanced. Suitable for learners of all ages. Content: 1.自相矛盾 Contradicting Oneself 2.指鹿为马 Calling a Stag a Horse 3. 对牛弹琴 Playing the Strings to an Ox 4. 坐井观天 Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well 5. 狐假虎威 Borrowing on the Tiger’s Fierceness 6. 自作自受 Serves You Right 7. 老马识途 The Old Horse Knows the Way 8. 画饼充饥 Drawing a Cake to Satisfy Hunger Total playing time: 64minutes+ Chinese/English soundtrack Subtitles in English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese System Requirements: PC Windows 95 or later, Mac-OS or later.
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