Chinese for Children - Conversation (With CD) 快乐时光幼儿汉语(附光盘一张会话篇)

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Compiled by experienced teachers for English-speaking children, this set of three textbooks contains 'The Pinyin Volume', 'The Rhymes Volume' and 'The Dialogues Volume'. Drawing on numerous methods available - as well as their own experience in teaching Chinese to children - the authors have adopted various innovative approaches to keep young learners interested and motivated. By combining the teaching Pinyin with useful phrases, sentences and rhymes, for instance, they have turned the monotonous learning of Pinyin into an enjoyable experience. Target readers: 6-7 year-old non-native speakers. 《快乐时光幼儿汉语——会话篇》是面向海外少年儿童编写的一本基础汉语会话教材。本书的对话都是围绕儿童的生活、学习需求编写而成。通过学习,孩子们掌握一些简单的生活用语,用汉语跟父母、朋友、老师及其他长辈进行简单的交际。在编排上依据循序渐进的原则,使孩子们在模仿交际的同时,能逐步学会汉语中的一些基本词汇和句型。 目录 第一课 你叫什么名字 What's your name 第二课 你几岁了 How old are you 第三课 他是谁 Who is he/she 第四课 他是哪国人 which country are you from 第五课 你妈妈做什么工作 What is your mother's job 第六课 几点了 What is the time 第七课 今天是星期几 What day is today 第八课 我饿了 I am hungry 第九课 你喜欢洋娃娃吗 Do you like dolls 第十课 我们一起玩儿,好吗 Shall we play together 第十一课 你会踢足球吗 Do you know how to play football 第十二课 我的书在哪儿 Where is my book 第十三课 请进 Please come in 第十四课 你发烧了You are sick 第十五课 打电话 Make a phone call Pages: 48pages
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