Chinese Folks Tales (I) & (II) 中国民俗故事 (I) & (II)

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中国民俗故事 (I) & (II) Chinese Folks Tales (I) & (II) These two books beautifully illustrated 15 famous Chinese folk tales that children of all ages will enjoy. These books are best for those who interested in Chinese culture and wish to understand more about the stories behind the traditional Chinese customs. Volume 1 includes eight folk tales such as "Happiness" Upside Down, God of Fortune, Land God, Walking on Stilts, and more. Volume 2 includes seven folktales such as Eating Eggs at the Beginning of Summer, Mandarin Dress, The Kitchen Range of Three Corners, and more. Simplified Chinese characters and English Pages: 64pages Size: 260 x 186mm Suitable for Age 6 and above. 这两本插图精美的图书美妙地引述15个著名中国民间传说。这些故事适合所有年龄的孩子以及对中国文化感兴趣的人。这两本书将使你了解更多关于中国传统风俗故事的来源。 第一册包括八个民间传说例如“福”倒了,财神爷,土地爷,踩高跷和更走。 第二册包括七个民间故事例如立夏吃鸡蛋,旗袍,闹洞房和更多。
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