Chinese Festivals (CD ROM) 中囯节庆 (CD ROM)

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中囯节庆 Chinese Festivals This exciting new CD ROM teaches the five most important Chinese festivals: the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi ( the Chinese Valentine’s Day) and the Mid-Autumn Festival. It contains 16 vividly animated stories and an additional children’s song that make it fun and easy to learn about Chinese culture. 本张光盤介绍了中囯最重要的五个传统节日:春节,元宵节,端午节,七夕 (中囯情人节)和中秋节。共十六个卡通故事,另附节庆儿歌一首。通过有趣的动画故事帮助你了解中囯传统文化。 1. 中囯的农历 Chinese Lunar Calendar 2. 腊八粥 La Ba Porridge 3. 送灶王爷 Seeing off the Kitchen God 4. 扫尘的习俗 The Custom of Sweeping the Dust 5. 门神春联 Spring Scrolls 6. 倒贴福字 Happiness and Arrived 7. 年的来历 The Story of Nian 8. 拜年 New Year’s Greeting 9. 春节饮食 Spring Festival - Food 10. 元宵节赏灯 Lantern Festival 11. 端午节的故事 The Story of Dragon Boat Festival 12. 牛郎和织女 NiuLang and ZhiNue 13. 中秋节 The Mid-Autumn Festival 14. 月下习俗 Customs Under the Moon 15. 仲秋故事 The Story of Mid Autumn 16. 月亮的传说 The Legend of the Moon 17. 儿歌:恭喜你 Children’s Song: Best Wishes System Requirements: PC Windows 95 or later, Mac-OS 9.0 or later 中文配音 繁体/简体/英文字幕/汉语拼音 Chinese Soundtrack Subtitles in English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese and Pinyin
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