Canfonian A Dream of Red Mansions Vol 1-3 (Bilingual) 红樓夢 (三册)

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红樓夢 (三册) 中国古典文学与历史连环图书 (中英对照) Pictorial Series in Chinese and English (bilingual) "A Dream of the Red Mansions" (3 volumes) represents the highest achievement in Chinese classical literature in contemporary Chinese language. It is renowned in both China and the world, and is universally acknowledged as a literary masterpiece. The story depicts the rise and decline of the two aristocratic Chia families during the Qing Dynasty. It paints a picture of the feudal society setting - through the love, marriage and tragedy between two young members of the Chia family. It illustrates the inevitable decline and collapse of the feudal society. Over 700 characters appear in "A Dream of the Red Mansions". These include imperial concubines, the nobility, peddlers, lackeys and people from all strata of society. The large number of characaters and the scenes of the story are interlocked with rise-and-fall mobility, thus constituting a novel that may be rated as one with the style of an encyclopedia.
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