Refund & Returns Policy page

(Fresh and Frozen Foods)

Return policy

We want every customer to be happy and to enjoy fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, so we offer refunds at our sole discretion. Due to the nature of fruit and vegetable products we are unable to offer returns.

Refund policy

If there is a problem with your product and would like to request a refund please take a picture of the product affected with your name and order details. We will assess your claim and respond with an outcome. All requests must be made within 24 hours of order receipt Please be aware that the product might look different from when it is harvested. We will consider refund requests for produce that is inedible at our discretion.

We are not responsible for products that spoil or deteriorate if delivery is missed on the requested date. Customers are responsible for tracking their parcel. Tracking is available at any time.


Refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.


Items will be shipped next business day (Monday to Thursday). Frozen Foods will defrost or part-defrost in transit.