Mid Autumn Festival

The mid autumn festival or Moon Festival falls on the 15 day of August every year in the Chinese calendar. This year the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 22nd September 2010. It is a popular tradition in China and is a festival full of fantasies. We called it Moon Festival, because all the activities are related to the moon.

Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, eat moon cakes and drink tea together.

There are many legends relating to this holidays like the popular tale of Chang er’s Flight to the Moon, HouYi Shoots the Sun and another classic is the story of Jade Rabbits Pounding Medicine.

Please browse some pictures related to those stories, enjoy!

If you wish to have more activities about Mid Autumn Festivals, " Chinese Treasure Chest " has plenty of Mid Autumn Chinese Festivals activities (10 pages) which includes: story reading, making paper moon, moon lantern making, making mini book about Chang er, art project about moon lady, Moon is Round nursery rhyme, crossword puzzle, Making fan with Tang Poem about moon. Click here to view sample pages.
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