Chinese AS--Chinese Examination Guide AS 中文考试辅导丛书(书+CD)

Chinese AS--Chinese Examination Guide A complete and up to date version revision guide for those preparing for Chinese A2, full of useful tips and ideas.
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Chinese AS--Chinese Examination Guide If you are looking for a book at Chinese AS level, look no further. This book is dedicated to your needs. Designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, Chinese AS provides extensive coverage of Speaking, Reading, Translation, Writing, Grammar and one Mock Exam. In each section, Marking Schemes and Exam Techniques are clearly explained to help with revision for the exam. Difficult vocabulary is presented in the form of footnotes to facilitate use of the book. Ample exercises are provided, enabling Chinese AS to serve as a workbook in building the skills necessary for exam success. Size: 210 x 285mm Pages: 150pp (paperback)
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