Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and disseminate the beauty of Chinese language and culture in the United Kingdom and Europe, making it one of the popular languages of communication for individuals, schools and business communities.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to promote Chinese language and culture by creating an enjoyable learning experience for both children and adults through offering a wide range of interesting, innovative and quality educational materials. 

The Market

With China becoming a key player in the global economy, there is an increasing interest to learn the Chinese language and to understand its culture, not only among the Chinese, but also the British and European in general. Currently, there is a strong trend towards fulfilling the Chinese educational programmes, especially among the Chinese community, which allow them to tap into the huge market in China .

In the UK, there is an increasing number of students who are learning Chinese as a second or third language. Scientific research has shown that students proficient in the Chinese language appear to be significantly better at processing information intellectually compared to their counterparts. This observation is further supported by the recent British School Examination results, which reported that the Chinese students were the top academic achievers. This has created an enthusiastic discussion and investigation into the possibility of how Chinese language may help British students to learn more effectively.

Customer Service Philosophy

We strive to provide an efficient, user-friendly and enjoyable online shopping experience for our customers. We welcome your valuable feedback on our choice of books, pricing, book delivery service and website design. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally should you have any queries or suggestions.

We look forward to processing your order with the speed and efficiency you have come to expect from Xihaha. We welcome any feedback from customers about how the service is run. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions.

Chooi Huey Ng 黄翠慧
Executive Director

Stephanie Tang 邓秀娥
Executive Director